With an infectious romance filling the air, cultural sophistication, and refined architecture, France has it all. One of the most visited tourist destination of the world, this country is famous for its wines and cheeses in addition to its beautiful country sides, historic cities, and palatial castles. In addition to this, the place has excellent weather conditions perfect for any vacation. Every little corner of this country is worth visiting whether its the Loire Valley, Brittany and Normandy or Paris and deciding on a itinerary with all these choices can actually give you a hard time. One of the largest countries of Europe, France is a unitary semi presidential republic with its capital both cultural and commercial in the city of Paris. The place has something for everyone from foodies to art lovers to nature fanatics.

France has always been a major power in the European history with significant political, cultural, military and economic influence over the subcontinent as well as the world. Counted among the most developed nations of the world, it enjoys a high standard of living with high standards even in education, life expectancy, health care and human development. Serving as one of the permanent members of UN council, the country has produced a large number of influential writers, thinkers, artists, scientists while remaining a prominent global cultural centre.

Tourism point of view, France is home to over 37 World Heritage Sites while featuring a large number of cultural places, beaches, seaside resorts, rural regions and ski resorts to add to the tranquillity and the beauty of the place. The villages are small and picturesque, churches are both architecturally and religion wise important, and there are over 200 ‘Remarkable Gardens’ all over the country in an effort to promote and protect remarkable gardens and parks. Some of the most renowned and remarkable museums including the Louvre as well as Beaubourg and several others are housed in the city of Paris along with many other attractions such as Disneyland Paris, Eiffel Tower and many others.In fact, the country attracts all kinds of tourists from all over the world from family vacationers to backpackers to art buffs to history lovers.


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